A Cool Tip For Being Grateful Or Practicing Gratitude

Do you have trouble being grateful sometimes? I know for a long time I did. But then I learned a cool tip from relationship healer and spiritual teacher Teal Swan. After that, practicing gratitude became a lot easier and more fun for me.

Here’s The Tip (Actually it’s a little bit of a process…)

  1. Look around you for something that catches your eye or enters your thought,
  2. With a piece of paper and a pen or pencil in front of you, allow yourself the opportunity to focus on that thing that catches your eye or that thought that comes into your mind.  
  3. Give yourself time to really think about that thing or connect with that thought. Try as best you can to take it on as your own and become one with it.
  4. Once you feel ready, allow yourself to begin thinking about how or why that thing or thought is of benefit or use to you or to the world around you. 
  5. Write each benefit or use you can think of down on the piece of paper in front of you. Before long, you’ll have a list of benefits or reasons why that thing you saw or that thought you had is work being or feeling grateful for.

Let’s practice using a picture of a kitten….

Picture of a cute gray and white kitten reaching out with on paw to touch a flower that's growing out of a space of concrete.

Take a minute to study the above picture of this sweet kitten. With a piece of paper and pen or pencil in front of you, start to notice. What do you see? And how do you feel? Are there any memories or thoughts that are cropping up into your mind? Do you perhaps have any memories of kitten sounds or smells? Pay close attention because these are the things you will likely be writing down on your list of things to be (or feel) grateful for.

To help get you started, I’ll list three things this picture helps remind me of: 1). This picture feels happy to me. And I like to feel happy – I prefer to feel happy and expose myself to happy things – for that, I feel grateful. 2). The kitten looks cute, and that makes my heart feel warm and happy – for that, I feel grateful. 3). This kitten remind me of what it feels like to be an uninhibited, curious, playful and friendly child – for that, I feel grateful.

Let’s try another example. This time with a picture of a faucet….

Picture of a faucet in a woodsy area with water running out the end of it..

Take a moment to study the picture of this cool faucet. With a piece of paper and pen in front of you, think about its use or benefit. What does it help bring to your world or the world around you that you would not otherwise have, or that you might have with a lot more hassle or difficulty? How would things be in your world or in the world around you if this faucet did not exist? Think about those questions and write your observations down. Then, begin to pick out all the reasons why it would be wise to feel grateful for the existence of this faucet. I can start if that helps.

1). Faucets help bring water, which helps sustain our lives, into our homes and other places – for that, I feel grateful. 2), Faucets help make the delivery of water less time consuming and more convenient – for that, I feel grateful. 3). Not only does the faucet deliver water, but it also looks pretty, an easy and straightforth to use. For that, I feel grateful.

That’s It! My tip for how to be grateful and begin practicing the simple yet powerful practice of gratitude daily. If you’d like more prompts to work with, you can search Pixabay or Pexels for photos, or visit Pinterest and search for “gratitude prompts”. Good luck to you, and enjoy the rest of your day!

PS: To learn more about how being grateful benefits us, check out Teal Swan’s video Gratitude: The Power Of Appreciation. Fast forward to 19:30 to view the list.

Find the kitten photo used in this article here. Find the faucet photo here.