Welcome To The Team Merrell Beautiful Life Fund!

Juliet And Paul Merrell 2021

Welcome to the Paul and Juliet Merrell Beautiful Life Fund! We are grateful for your interest in contributing to help make our lives more beautiful, prosperous and fun. Whether you choose to help support our daily living expenses, wheelchair repairs, technology device updates, private van rides or other items we might need, your generosity is greatly appreciated. We also welcome hearing about any potential wealth or fun generating opportunities you may come across, as well as simple gestures like funny memes, greetings, coffee, or snacks. Below, you will find a list of gifts and contributions that would be most helpful to us at this current time. Thank you for considering supporting our beautiful life! Check out the links towards the bottom of the page if you’d like to learn how to create your own Beautiful Life Fund.

Money + Gift Cards

(any amount is greatly appreciated)

Uber/Uber Eats

Favorite meals and snacks include tacos, burgers, burritos, tamales, pizza and sub sandwiches. We also enjoy coffee, cookies and crunchy, salty and sweet snacks from The Sev (7-Eleven) as well as yummy farm fresh produce when it’s in season.

Other Gifts We’d Appreciate

RTA Dial-A-Ride Bus Tickets
(via Riverside Transit)
Forever Postage Stamps
Help & Support Around Our Home
(Send email via Linktree)
Opportunities + Hellos + Greetings + Funny Memes, Cute/Beautiful Pictures + Jokes And Other Day Makers
(Send email via Linktree)

And – Paul is always open to help you create your internet radio station or audio streaming solution, and I’m always open for sales in my Zazzle shops.

To learn more about how to create your own beautiful life fund, consider following the Elmer O. Locker jr YouTube channel or listening to this wealth generating meditation. Or, if learning how to climb a f**king ladder is more your style, click here

PS: Try not to let the fact that David (Elmer’s grandson) focuses on money in the meditation intimidate or scare you. Regardless of whether it’s health, financial wealth, more comfort, prosperity or abundance or the procurement of physical possessions or a much appreciated opportunity or miracle – all wealth and prosperity is the same. And if you allow yourself to be closed off to one form of wealth or prosperity, you remain closed off to all of them.