Pizza And Chicken Nuggets, Wishes Fulfilled & Season 7 Episode 4

Scenes from Old Town Temecula - April 2024.
Since I’ve been feeling better and the weather is becoming warmer, one of the things that my husband Paul and I have been doing is taking morning walks and exploring our neighborhood – Old Town Temecula. The above picture is a compilation of some things that we have seen and some foods that we have tried during our time out so far.


(If you’re a power wheelchair user, follow the teachings of Neville Goddard or love  gen-x vintage or current music, food, pop culture or lifestyle, you might appreciate this post)

This week fromaparrottsnest – pizza paired with chicken nuggets is my newest craving, different variations of Tom Selleck are still continuing to follow me on Instagram, and my mind is still tripping over 9-1-1 season 7 episode 4 (Buck, Bothered And Bewildered). It’s still not sure what to think or how to feel about Buck’s answer to Tommy’s question of “So that was OK?”. I can definitely tell you though – as a Gen-Xer who grew up during a different time that came with different social and cultural expectations, it definitely was a shock for me to see on network TV. But then again, it’s still a shock for me to see such detailed acts of sex and violence and hear the seven words that shouldn’t be said on network TV (at 4:48) now too. My how times have changed. I hope this younger generation gives my mind the time and space it needs to wrap my mind around all of it – because transitioning from one time with one set of expectations, to another time with another set of expectations feels like the equivalent to traveling from the US to china with no warning and no prep.

In Other News…

My new power wheelchair Matilda made it home from another trip to the repair shop. This time she was outfitted with some new parts for her suspension. That stopped the irritating squeaking noise that was happening on her right side, and made her feel like the Invacare power chairs I know and love so much. Except for just a little more looseness on the front than I am accustomed to, she drives like a champ now. Thank you Invacare and Verio Healthcare! I’m looking forward to taking her out for an inaugural snack run soon.

And – I have been continuing on my journey of finding better health and better wealth in my own life. My subconscious is reprogramming itself nicely and I’m spending more and more of my time living in the wish fulfilled. As a result, my experience with my life and everything in it is becoming more and more positive, optimistic and rewarding with each passing day. Lots of icky thoughts, feelings and beliefs have left me. I’m feeling much better, having more positive experiences and enjoying my life more. After spending so many years feeling compelled to take my own life because I felt so bad inside myself, feeling happy and happy to be here is a huge blessing. But then again, feeling compelled to take my life too was a blessing because it helped give me the insight, wisdom and resolve I needed to have either the gall or courage to want to continue to stick around. BTW, if you’re interested in building better health an wealth in your own life, visit the Elmer O. Locker Jr. Youtube channel. Or, watch what Elmer said about climbing the f**king ladder here.


Lastly, I’d like to thank Carole, Melinda, Sarah, Vivian, Barbara, Tailine, Benjamin and Shari for your likes and purchases from my Zazzle shops during February and March. Hope my creations made you and yours feel like rockstars too. Also, I have a new Facebook page. Please follow it if your interested in my original art cards and other products, or would like to receive notices about the latest Zazzle offers and deals. Thanks for your business and kind support! 🙂

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I’ll leave you this week with a feel good quote from Bob Newhart as Dick Louden, and a sweet and awesome video of Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang doing their thang to Boston’s Foreplay/Long Time. This song was a staple in my CD player and many other CD players, cassette decks and turntables of folks who were teenagers and young adults from the mid to late 70’s into the 90’s, and maybe even into the 2000’s. Such a great song – and maybe even the best intro to any rock album ever. BTW, I think it’s so cool that New Kids On The Block has a new album out and is doing a tour this summer. And I think it’s so cool that they’ve kept int touch with their fans like they have over the years. When I was in school, I never officially declared myself a fan, but every time I heard one of their songs, I’d definitely always smile. 🙂

“I don’t like people telling me how to eat. That’s why I became a grown-up.” 

Dick loudon (Newhart)

Until next time! Enjoy a sweet week!


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