Distancing, Pickle Hearts, New Directions & Less Flash

Picture of a heart shaped pickle that I found in my lunch today.
Photo by Juliet Parrott-Merrell

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This is my first issue of a newsletter I got the idea to start writing in an effort to stay connected with my friends and family after very suddenly and unexpectedly feeling compelled to distance myself from social media after spending almost 15 or so years on. Below is a note I wrote to my friends on facebook explaining the reason for my sudden disappearance. I also included a few links that I thought folks who care might enjoy, as well as an awesome spiritual themed quote. As I get better at Substack,  I may or may not include a few more sections. Anyway, below is the note….

A Note To My Friends On Facebook

My apologies to everyone for not being on here as much as I usually am. I recently picked up the old habit of writing in these things called morning pages and very suddenly unexpectedly lost my appetite for social media and (to my surprise) snacking! I just don’t feel interested in doing either one of those things nearly as much as I once did anymore. Does this mean, at a Gen-X 50, that I’m finally crossing the threshold into getting older? Maybe. But I’d rather think it’s just a sign that my soul is now asking for a quieter, more meaningful and contemplative life with less flash.

Since I’ve had the mind space to be able to give things more time and attention, I’ve been reading more, writing and working on things in my Zazzle shop in a slower more methodical way than I used to. So new products will be rolling out slower than they have been. Maybe it will be better for business, maybe it won’t. but either way, it’s a try at something other than what I’ve been doing before, which was but was not working in the way that I’d initially hoped.

I’ve also been cooking more – nothing fancy, just simple foods that taste real good – like a lovely chicken salad made with celery, onions, craisins, almonds and herbs de province to make it special.

Checked out Wolfgang Van Halen’s new album Mammoth II as well. It’s really good – very well thought out. Poignant – with lots of cool classic musical styles and tones mishmashed together to make 10 individual masterpieces and one great album. But it isn’t for everyone. If you like 2000’s era alternative rock or are looking for tougher sounding music to work out or deep clean your house with a vengeance to, or you’re in the midst of healing childhood or other trauma, you might like it. I like all the songs on the album, but songs number 2 and number 10 are “hittin’ me different” as the saying goes now. Paul (my husband) likes song number 3.

Below is an awesome quote I recently found on the Cooking At Pam’s Place Youtube channel, which she found from Christiantoday.com

“Please God, make my days useful, my nights restful, my home peaceful and my efforts fruitful.”

May you find hearts in unexpected places (like pickles) this week! Until next time! Enjoy a sweet day!



PS: This article about how a molecule in breast milk could reduce cerebral palsy in infants filled my heart with hope.  If you don’t know, I’ve had cerebral palsy my whole life. To know that relief from this tough stuff is possibly on the horizon is great news!  (BTW, I’ll be writing more about my experiences living with physical disabilities in upcoming posts. So if you want to hear about that, stay tuned! My plan is to publish these newsletters every Thursday or Friday.)