Happy New Year, Cute Vintage Trailer Tour, Still No Way & Art Blessings

Cat Face Champagne Glasses & Hearts
Cat Face Champagne Glasses & Hearts by Juliet Parrott Merrell!


(if you’re a power wheelchair user, or love pop culture, nostalgia or personalized cards and gifts, you might appreciate this post)

This week fromaparrottsnest – I lied. Last newsletter I bid our winter holiday hibernation celebration time adieu. But, I should have waited a week because our New Year felt better enjoyed than our Christmas. For some reason, it felt very blissful. What about you? Was your New Year’s better than your Christmas, or did it really matter?

In Other News…

I started drinking kombucha tea and got new batteries put in my old Action Ranger X Storm series power wheelchair. And, despite my and other’s best efforts to fix her to my body’s comfort and programming satisfaction, my new power wheelchair Matilda is continuing to sit and go unused. I did drive her for a little bit today to see if my body’s feelings about her have changed. The answer is still “No Way José!” So, I’m still telling my story to anyone who will listen, and also figuring out who to write to see about getting her purchase rescinded. I’m also learning more about why so many folks are having so much trouble getting the quality custom wheelchairs they need these days. Not sure yet if I feel more upset with Medicare’s antiquated billing codes and policies, or the private equity firms who have big stakes in DME (durable medical equipment) and have been profiting big time while leaving those who are in the most vulnerable positions to suffer. Definitely NOT FAIR! 


Byron Allen and the folks at Justice Central decided to put the old Perry Mason episodes on during weekday afternoons, so I’ve been enjoying watching those while making greeting cards for my new Zazzle shop – Art Blessings By Juliet. Ever since I learned that Erle Stanley Gardner (the man who created the character of Perry Mason) once lived nearest the great oak tree in my town, I feel a renewed appreciation for that show.  Thank you Babar and Joanne. Hope you feel like as much of a rock star as your purchases made me feel. 

Blue You Are My Sunshine Happy Valentines Day   Holiday CardBlue You Are My Sunshine Happy Valentines Day Holiday CardShop Now!Simple Gray On White Gratitude Post-it NotesSimple Gray On White Gratitude Post-it NotesShop Now!

I’ll leave you this week with a few sweet vintage things I found plus a vintage Three’s Company Friends feel good quote. The First vintage thing I found is a sweet 1938 vintage Color Rhapsody cartoon called The Big Birdcast. If you like birds and vintage movie stars from the 1930’s and 1940’s, you’ll like this. The second vintage thing I found is a small Instagram video tour of the vintage Lucy & Desi trailer that was featured in the movie The Long, Long Trailer. The second vintage thing I found is a private group on Facebook called The International Order Od Mrs. Ropers. Many people in this group dress up like Helen and Stanley Roper (from Three’s Company) get together in real life and have gatherings that they call Roper Romps. So, so cute! And, so Helen and Stanley Roper. I think the world needs more Helen Ropers and more Roper Romps. BTW, If you’re interested, there are also different chapters of this group located in different cities around the US. Just do a search for The International Order Of Mrs Ropers to find them.

“Happy days, good times and little house on the prairie!” 

Jack, Janet &  Chrissy – Three’s Company (Larry’s Bride S3 E8)

Until next time! Enjoy a pleasant week and a pleasant new year! 


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