Hot Mess, Stopped Waltzing & Seein’ My Beautiful

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(if you’re a power wheelchair user or love personal updates from friends or personalized gifts, you might appreciate this post. Otherwise, scroll on)

This week fromaparrottsnest – It’ll take four years time, but Paul and I’s backpacks are all filled and we’re ready to take a Brightline train to Las Vegas. And different incarnations of Tom Selleck are still following me almost daily on Instagram. 

After thoroughly enjoying our week before Christmas and our Christmas holiday, Paul and I are officially headed back to our regularly scheduled life. Goodbye cozy movies and TV shows, comfort food, yummy baked goods and blissful afternoon naps at 2pm. We’ll be seein’ ya and making your acquaintance again next year. 

In Other News…

I might jinx myself here, but I feel like the part of my life journey that has to do with narcissism and narcissistic abuse is just about complete and I’m ready to let a lot more things go. And, after the better part of 16 days, I stopped waltzing with my new power wheelchair Matilda. My previous power wheelchair, The Lime Green Flash II (an Invacare Action Ranger Storm series)  is more thoughtfully designed and feels more gentle, comfortable and empowering to sit in and to use. But no matter how much you configure and reconfigure, program and reprogram her, Matilda (an Invacare Aviva RX Storm series) is not comfortable to sit in or empowering to use. I want to love her, and I want us to be the best of friends. But Matilda feels like a misconfigured, ill-fitting, rough-riding hot mess on wheels that I am unable to use without some sort of physical or emotional irritation, aggravation, stress, discomfort or pain. Stupid health insurance and their coding and rule changes! I hope someday sooner rather than later, positive forces beyond everyone’s control intervene such that things with healthcare and health insurance get changed back to the way they used to be so  Invacare can start designing thoughtful products again. In the meantime, I’ll keep using The Lime Green Flash for as long as time will allow, and I’ll keep praying for positive change. 🙏. 


Paul and I had fun watching The Willie Nelson 90th Birthday Special and the Willie Nelson and Family documentary on Paramount+. Both shows helped give us a new appreciation for someone we’ve already loved for forever and a day.

I also made one sale, got two product likes and started another shop on Zazzle. Yay me! 😊Thank you Kristy, Trevor and Marlene for your likes and J (from my hometown of Portland, Oregon) for your purchase. Hope you feel like a rockstar too! 👍🥰👍

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I’ll leave you this week with a sweet but true feel good quote from Brat Loves Judy and a cute (and kinda fitting) 1935 Betty Boop cartoon called “Judge For A Day”. In this adorable short, Betty becomes a judge and gets to dull out appropriate sets of consequences to those who’ve done her wrong. Shout out to Bill and Toony The Tuna over at Toon In With Me. Paul and I watch y’all every night, and are still cracking up over the vintage work out equipment episode.

“I love looking in the audience and seein’ my beautiful. It just lights up my whole life.”

da brat (From Brat Loves Judy)

Enjoy a pleasant week and a pleasant New Year! Cheers to all of us! 🥂


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