Gnarly Stomach Bug, Finally Waltzing & Breaking Free From Narcissism

"Tiny Blue Kitten Explores The Christmas Flowers" - a picture story by Juliet Parrott-Merrell!
“Tiny Blue Kitten Explores The Christmas Flowers” – a picture story by Juliet Parrott-Merrell!


Welcome to the newsletter that celebrates the beauty of my seemingly boring, mundane, power wheelchair using, homebody life. (If you’re a power wheelchair user, spend most of your time at home or in your local neighborhood, or are into spiritual healing or self improvement, love music, cartoons, feel good quotes or personalized gifts, you might appreciate this post.)

This week fromaparrottsnest – Paul had a gnarly stomach bug that took up the better part of our Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. And, after almost 3 months, I finally got my new power wheelchair, Matilda, fixed and programmed properly! Except for an irritating squeaking noise near her right rear tire, and the fact that we can no longer roll under our bathroom sink without taking our footrests off first, she’s all good to go and we can officially go waltzing, which I recently learned means walking (in the bush) in Australia’s national anthem – Waltzing Matilda. Thank you to the folks at Verio Healthcare and Invacare for helping to make things right.

In Other News…

I’ve been continuing with my subconscious mind reprogramming meditation. It’s done a lot to help shift my thoughts, feelings, perceptions and perspectives in a more positive direction, such that I’m able to feel more relief and have more positive feeling days. I’ve also been lead to learn more things about narcissism and narcissistic abuse, which has helped me understand, come to terms with and accept my relationship with a narcissistic loved one such that I can finally let them go and move on. Yay me! 🙂

Paul and I took Matilda on an inaugural waltz around our neighborhood and ended up enjoying a bite over at the Swing Inn Cafe. I guess it’s under relatively new ownership and the focus has shifted from classic American faire to BBQ. I liked it because it seemed practically elevated and felt like a place Paul and I could get behind. The burgers we had tasted really good, and the dessert we shared tasted awesome. It was a Belgian waffle with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and strawberries on top.

Paul and I are also continuing to watch more concerts on Qello. Last weekend we saw a really beautiful David Gilmour show. David Bowie, David Crosby and Graham Nash were there, as was a Miles Davis sounding wheelchair using trumpeter. It made my heart happy to see someone who uses a wheelchair successfully doing things that are considered exclusive to the able-bodied in some sects of the disability community. We also saw a Linkin Park and Diana Ross show. “Tomorrow starts with you, and you, and you…” Great song, great person, great presence who still has it going on after all these years. Heart hands for sure. PS: If you’d like to watch Qello concerts too, Paul tells me their channel is available on Hulu Live TV.


I made three cute colorful sunshine notepads for my Zazzle shop, and also made a few sales. This time they came from across the pond in Australia, UK and New Zealand. Thank you Xinya, Matthew and Jelena for your purchases. I hope they fill whomever you bought them for with the same happiness, joy and good cheer I felt when I was making them.

Cute Sun Rainbow Helping Me Shine Teacher Thank You CardCute Sun Rainbow Helping Me Shine Teacher Thank You CardShop Now!Black And White Simple Grateful Gratitude List   Post-it NotesBlack And White Simple Grateful Gratitude List Post-it NotesShop Now!Funny Blue Cheers To Beer 30th Hoppy Birthday CardFunny Blue Cheers To Beer 30th Hoppy Birthday CardShop Now!

I’ll leave you this week with a video of The First Swallow, a sweet 1942 vintage blue bird cartoon I recently saw on an episode of Toon In With Me as well as a cool “be true to yourself” quote from Triumph frontman Rik Emmet. PS: Did you hear? Shohei Ohtani is now playing for the Dodgers. Wonder what his new number will be? 🤔

“…stay true to the best parts of yourself.”

From rock And Roll Machine (Triumph Documentary)

Enjoy a pleasant week! Until next time!


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