Late Thanksgiving Blessings, Calming The F**ck Down & Seeing The Forest For The Trees

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(If you’re a power wheelchair user, are into alternative or holistic healing or the healing arts, or you love music, baseball, good holiday times, or personalized gifts, you might appreciate this post. Otherwise, scroll on.)

Late Thanksgiving blessings to all! Hope you enjoyed a good Thanksgiving. Paul and I did. I cooked a crockpot full of yummy spaghetti the day before, so we ate that along with some steamed broccoli, toasted buttered bread, crunchy organic gala apples and store bought pumpkin coffee cake. We also played a few games of Yahtzee and watched The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast on TV. Call me crazy, but some of my best times have been spent with cats, dogs and other animals, stuffed teddy bears, flowers and other humans who’ve passed.

In Other News…

Although it took some real doing, I was finally able to set up an appointment to get a rep from Invacare to come out to the house and get my new power wheelchair Matilda programmed properly. She and the head wheelchair tech will be here on the morning of December 7th. I’m crossing my fingers that all goes well and we can begin to enjoy simple things like navigating under our bathroom sink without having to worry about taking out chunks of our cabinet and bathroom wall too.

Work is still slow going and extremely sporadic for Paul. But he has been hanging in there and small but significant opportunities have been coming his way. We have also been playing Yahtzee and watching a lot of court shows, Magnum P.I. and concerts we found on a new-to-us streaming channel called Qello. So far, we’ve enjoyed concerts by Robert Plant & Allison Krause, Soundgarden, Rod Stewart, Seal, Jack White, Yes and a few others.

I’ve been going back and forth between taking it easy, enjoying my time, cooking and eating good meals, working on my art and other stuff when I feel up to it, learning about the history of Temecula and doing shadow work to heal my ol’ indigo flower child body, mind and spirit. I’ve had real trouble living inside myself since about the time I turned 30 – lots of muscle and bone aches and pains, nerve irritation, anxiety, depression, negative self talk and extremely intermittent yet persistent thoughts of suicide came after I had a tubal ligation surgery, experienced some pretty heavy losses, and took some depression medicine all around that same time. Plus, I’ve been recovering from the narcissistic abuse I experienced as a child and young adult too – and everything has been hard-pressed to even give me a little bit of consistent relief since. I’ve been officially working to heal myself with the help of meditation and subconscious mind reprogramming since about 2021. Progress for the most part has felt extremely slow going, but every once in a while I’ll feel like I had something comparable to a big growth spurt and will feel like I’ve really made some headway. This is how I’ve been feeling lately after getting to know Jesus better. Religion and religious folks had him looking and feeling like a big block of hokey antiquated smelly cheese to me, but since I’ve come to know him away from all that, my views and feelings about Jesus have been changing. I’m really glad, because he really is so very cool to me. I think one of the things I love about him most so far is his warmheartedness and his extremely loving, playful, understanding and compassionate nature. It’s so infectious that it makes me want to be like that too, and it makes me want to strive to be a better person. But, he tells me I need to continue working on calming the f**k down, allowing myself to see the forest for the trees, follow the breadcrumbs right and not let the cart get in front of the horse as I have had big tendencies to do in my past days.


I felt up to making some new post-it notes, notepads and other products for my Zazzle shop. If you’d be interested to see them, you can find them on the featured products page here.

Thank you Robert, Patty, Emily, Margret and Natallie, Jodie and Samantha for your purchases. May your heart and the hearts of the people you bought these items for be forever filled with joy and happiness too. PS: I am now less than $100 away from receiving a Zazzle Bronze Seller Badge, which I’ve been working 10 years to earn. Once I do, it will give my shop more exposure than it already has. Thank you! Your business and kind support means a lot to me. It’s helping me achieve my goal of having a sweet little happiness inducing business adventure too.

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I’ll leave you this week with an inspiring life quote by baseball executive and former player  Joe Torre. PS: If you love baseball, quick summaries, audio reads and fun, check out The Daily Tater.

“This game is too beautiful to be filled with lasting scars.”

(From Ken Burns – Baseball)

Until next time! Enjoy a sweet week!


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