Toasted Cheese Sandwiches, New Wheelchair Meltdown, Reframes & A Cool Friendship Quote

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(if you’re a person with disabilities or a power wheelchair user, are into personal growth and development or love feel good quotes, funny quirky memes or cute personalized gifts, you might like this post)

This week fromaparrottsnest – it’s officially my favorite time of year – cozy blanky, hot coco, yummy soup and toasted cheese sandwich season. Yay! 🥰

And, my new power wheelchair made me have a meltdown. Adjusting to her has not felt as easy, positive, fun or empowering as it did with my other wheelchairs in years past. Even after more comfort adjustments from the wheelchair repair shop, she doesn’t feel quite the same, she doesn’t drive quite the same, she doesn’t react quite the same, and she’s not making me smile or feeling like a friend like my other wheelchairs did. Even after giving her a name (Matilda) I’m not feeling a connection or bond with her. Unsure if this is because I’m getting older and becoming more set in my ways, if I’m having trouble letting go, or if I wasn’t sold the best wheelchair for me. Matilda is part if a fairly new product line after all. The product line that my last 4 power chairs came from was discontinued. Unsure why. I’ve had my last wheelchair for 10+ years. And except for a small short in the joystick (which the company stopped making) she still looks relatively good and runs like a boss. Anyway – time will tell if Matilda and I will be becoming BFFs – at least for the next 5 to 10 years.

In Other News…

Spirit must’ve had more self discovering and uncovering work for me to do this week because it led me to this video about neurodivergence and autism during a break one afternoon. I like this video because It showed me how to do more reframing work with regard to my circumstance of disability such that I could accept myself and my situation more positively and move forward with more comfort and confidence than I’ve had in the past.

Like many people with disabilities, I grew up in the company and under the influence of too many people who held predominantly ableist or unfavorable views about what people who faced adversities and challenges like mine could do and were capable of. So, since I’ve always had a hard time navigating myself and my body and circumstance, I’ve taken many of my cues about how to perceive myself and my situation from those disparaging views, and it’s left me feeling terrible about myself, my body and my life for many, many years. But reframing my perspective and perception about my body, circumstance and life has been immensely helpful in changing things for the better. I wholeheartedly recommend reframing to anyone who may have experienced or is going through a disparaging feeling situation right now. If you’re unsure for how to start, you can search for reframe videos on Youtube or Tik Tok, or you can ask your question to Chat GPT like this, “Alternative ways to say_______” or “More positive ways to say _________”


Zazzle recently made some changes to their platform that has really thrown my mind for a huge loop – so I haven’t felt inspired to create any new designs for my Zazzle shop lately. I also haven’t lifted any fingers or busted my hump to do any kind of promotion. But amazingly, I did sell the products below. Thank you to David, Rebecca, Shannon, Erin, Dennis and Cheryl for your purchases. Glad my lil sunshines and other happiness inducers made your days is much as you made mine. 👍🥰👍

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That’s it from me for this week. Before I leave you, I wanted to share this funny “Charles Phoenix tries to make another Jello mold” reel from Instagram, and an awesome quote I heard in a video about how to find the best friends from Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson….

“Surround yourself with people who want the best for the best part of you.”

~ Jordan Peterson

Enjoy a sweet week! Until Next time!


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