Celery Hearts, Spooky Feeling New Wheelchair, & Cat Face Spider Coloring Page

Picture of five pieces of celery shaped like hearts laying on a cutting board.
Photo by Juliet Parrott-Merrell


(If you’re a power wheelchair user, enjoy hearing news about social justice and change, or love personalized gifts, cute coloring pages or feel good quotes, you might appreciate this post)

This week fromaparrottsnest – the celery left me some sweet looking hearts while I was making a very tasty cranberry chicken salad! And, my brain has been feeling as though it was violently kidnapped, tossed into a van and whisked away to an unknown, unfamiliar and very scary place against it’s will. It’s because of discomfort that I’m continuing to experience with Matilda, my new power wheelchair. It’s been a little over 3 weeks since she came to be my new rolling companion, and we are still not finding our groove together. Sitting in her is still feeling extremely uncomfortable. After sitting in her for more than just a few minutes, she leaves me feeling pain in my tailbone area, which causes me to become irritated, irritable and sad inside. Then when I get out of her for the evening, I’m left spending the rest of the evening wrangling mild to highly intrusive and even suicidal thoughts! Plus, due to sizable gaps in the back of my seat, she leaves a huge draft on my backside, which leaves me feeling very cold on chilly fall days. Then, there is this spooky foreboding feeling electrical energy that comes up from underneath her. It leaves me feeling icky inside and ill.

I have tried to return Matilda because, although I appreciate having an updated rolling companion, I do not like this particular design of wheelchair. I think the name of the product line it comes from says it all – AVIVA. Doesn’t that mean without life? And Storm. Yes, Matilda has indeed been a storm of an experience. It was not this way with the other (4 ) Action Ranger Storm wheelchairs I had. Using them was great. They were thoughtfully designed, looked cool and offered an easy, fun and empowering comfort and user experience that I’ve been very happy with for the last 28 years. But, the company (Invacare Corporation) discontinued the Action Ranger Storm product line a few years ago. I really think they should highly consider bringing it back.

Anyway, I have tried to return Matilda to the place where I bought her from. But I was told that once I signed to accept delivery of her, she could not be returned. This information was not disclosed to me before or during the time of delivery. So, I’m working with her and the place I bought her from as best I can for now. In the meantime, I’ll speak my mind about this wheelchair whenever and wherever I can. Stay tuned for updates if you’re interested.

In Other News…

I’m excited to hear that net neutrality is making a comeback. If you’d like to encourage the FCC to keep fighting for this, you can send a pre-written letter here. I’m also excited that good people are taking steps to end food deserts and reform tipping as we know it in Chicago. And, I made more cute notepads and post-it notes for my Zazzle shop and drew this cute cat face spider Halloween coloring page for those who are interested to enjoy. Thank you D.R., Maria and Emma for your purchases this week. I hope you and whomever you bought for feel like a rockstar too (videos courtesy of YouTube).

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A fitting feel good quote that I saw on Howie The Crab’s Instagram account this week…

“…Fill your life with joy and don’t let the darkness of the world get you down…”

– Howie The Crab

Until next time! Enjoy a sweet week!


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